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Computer Internal Power Extension Cables For Computer Power Supply

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Computer Internal Power Extension Cables For Computer Power Supply

Quick Details:


wire spec:18awg

wire colors:yellow orange red black


application:Computer Internal

connector 1:MOLEX 8981

mating plug:MOLEX 8980

connector 2:Sata connector


OEM order:accept




More available TYCO connectors:
5-927742-6 927742-2 1241967-8 293011-1
521831-1 927742-3 284985-1 293014-1
9-1241857-5 927742-4 284986-1 293015-1
9-927742-2 927742-6 293008-1 293034-1
9-927742-3 928309-8 293009-1 293043-1
925015 962496 293010-1 5-1241967-8


Computer internal wiring, electric saw, electrodrill, grass cutter
Why choose us?

1. We have good long-term business cooperation relationship with many famous connector brands, such as MOLEX, TYCO, JAE, JAM, YEONHO, JST, TYU, etc, which makes it Cost-effective and faster delivery.

2. We have various kinds of wires to choose from, UL PVC single-core wire, silicone wire, teflon wire, Halogen free wire, multi-core cable, flat cable etc. All of them are ROHS, Reach, UL certified to meet the needs of export.

3. Our Product prototyping services.

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desktop computer power supply

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desktop computer power supply

• For Intel ATX12V Ver1.3, output :200W(300W Max)
• For Dual Core CPU
• High efficiency
• Low ripple & noise
• Output over voltage protection
• Short circuit protection on all outputs
• Internal 8CM FAN
• 100% burn-in under high ambient temperature(50°C)
• MTBF:80k hours at 25°C

Input Specification :
• AC INPUT:115V/230V
• Frequency: 47-63Hz
• Current: 5A @115Vac 60Hz ; 3A @230Vac 50Hz

Output Specification :
• Color: Silver
• Cooling System: SPEED: 2200RMP(+/-10%)

• Noise: 19dB at 2200rpm
• P.G Signal: 100-500ms
• Hold-up Time: 17ms(min)
• Efficiency: 72%


Output Voltage
Min. load
Max. load
Load Reg.
Ripple & Noise
300mV P-P
150mV P-P
150mV P-P
150mV P-P
200mV P-P
300mV P-P

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90W 19.5V 4.62A Generic Dell Laptop Charger , Notebook Computer Charger

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90W 19.5V 4.62A Generic Dell Laptop Charger , Notebook Computer Charger

Quick Detail:


The adapter is used to charge the Dell UC473, 320-1389, Y807G, 330-2965, C440H,

1. Real 90W

2. Reliable quality

3. Quick lead time

4. Low price




1. It has the most professional circuit board design, ground wire is working on it and this make the quality more stable.

2. All the components is standard high quality, not sub-standard ones. This is the basic of the good quality.

3. All the adapters from Anthy are real power consumption, and all of them passed the 100% aging test and original laptop test. Our promised RMA is less than 1.5%

4. Our warranty is 13 months, and customer only need offer the bar codes list to get the new replacement ones. They no need send back the adapters.

5. Our lead time is 3-15 days according to your order quantity, normally 3-5 days for less than 5K (with our standard package)order, 5-10 days for less than 20K order

6. You are welcome to visit our factory or get samples from us.


Absolutely Advantages:


1. Lower price, we are the first grade agent of most of the components on Laptop adapters. So we have cost advantages. We can support our customers on price.

2. Quality, we only use the first grade standard components on our PCBA, you can compare this with any OEM laptop adapter factory. And we have a very good circuit board design. And we have a very strict quality control system ( 100% aging test and original laptop test). You never need doubt our quality. It is first grade.

3. Lead time, we have the advanced production process. Our lead time is 7 days (with standard package). And at end of year (the very busy season), we still can keep this lead time. For example (now we still can finish 50K pcs adapters before this holiday).

4. Services, you will get a sales who has over 5 years overseas business experiences to serve you. All of our sales are old sales.

5. Special warranty, we offer 15 months warranty. And you don’t need send back the faulty ones, just offer us the barcode list, we will send you goods ones accordingly.


I believe if you choose to cooperate with us, you will get the absolutely adavantages in this field.




This adapter is used for charging the below laptop models:

UC473, 320-1389, Y807G, 330-2965, C440H, 33

DELL: Inspiron 1150,Inspiron 8600, Inspiron 9200,Latitude E4300, Latitude E5400,Studio XPS 13, Studio XPS 16,Latitude D810,






DC tip



AC 90-264V/50Hz


DC 19.5V 4.62A



N. W.







Competitive Advantage:


1. Hight quality and standard components;

2. 100% aging test and 100% original laptop test;

3. Less than 1.5% RMA;

4. Quick lead time

5. Lower price

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Healthy USB 3D Laser Mouse , Optical Ergonomic Vertical Mouse computer accessories

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Healthy USB 3D Laser Mouse , Optical Ergonomic Vertical Mouse computer accessories

Specification :
wireless computer mouse
Interface: USB
Tracking Method :Optical
Resolution :500~2000 DPI
Hand Orientation :Boths hands
Plug and play
Color : Many colors available
6 buttons Button life time: 50,000,000 times
Perfect ergonomic design, comfortable handle feeling
Superior accuracy and portable
Advanced optical technology, reliable optical tracking sensor on almost any surface
Delivery Time :15days after confirm the artwork
Support: windows95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP/VISTA/7, MAC, LINUX




1, Adopts AUAGO top game chips, Omron million times micro switch.

These are all revealed that it is a professional gaming mouse and can be a razor during the sports gaming.


2, 3 Body Colors: Black, Green and White

The colors, materials and processes are all under rigorous process and repeated tests for the gaming mouse. Finally they are launched out with three colors: black, green and white to meet the players’ personality and demands for product features.


3, AVAGO 3050 Gaming IC

Using AVAGO 3050 game chip solution, stable and fast, greatly expanded the game’s practicality and scalability.


4, Four-color lighting effects

The mouse is built with colorful LED internal light, and revealing red, green, blue and purple colors from the shell. While switching the 4 levels CPI, it is corresponding to the four-color light switch. With our gaming mice, you will be a hard-edged player while gaming.

5, Adopts Omron micro switch with shaped forming terminal structure. Through high-precision and two springs quick-acting mechanism to achieve 10 million times life.

6, Four levels CPI memory function

Can achieve four level CPI (500-1500-2000 -3500) and with built-in storage module. It can be set memory to ensure that the CPI is still valid next time or changing PC.


7, Unique mesh light transmittance and 3D skid-free wheel

High quality rubber texture, unique mesh translucent wheel, strong sense of scale, slide freely. skid-free, anti-sweat, mesh cool light effects. Incomparable charm, only belongs to veteran hero.


8, Super cool tungsten gold plating process

Appearance of fine craft, super class A grade materials. Tungsten gold plating, bright color, grace, and feel good while using.


9, Optional three report rate: 250-500-1000Hz

To meet the players’ different requirements of accuracy and speed in different environments, DM004 is equipped with 250-500-1000Hz three sections report rate. It can be chose the rate by switching it from the bottom of the mouse and won’t lose rate by its superior ability to identify and feedback speed.


10, Laser infrared sensor

Appearance of fine craft, super class A grade materials. Tungsten gold plating, bright color, grace, and feel good while using.


11, Ergonomic symmetrical design

Using symmetrical ergonomic design, perfect hand fit, effectively reduce fatigue, delicate touch, thick body and cool shape.


12, Both sides multimedia keys

Multimedia forward and back side buttons are designed symmetrically by left and right, effectively prevent the misuse while gaming. And perfectly match with the mouse symmetrical shape to get the quick and comfortable feeling .


13, Natural rubber skid-free side design

The left and right sides of the mouse are using natural rubber skid-free materials to increase the flexibility of the mouse grip and effective anti-slip &anti-sweat.


14, Brand dedicated USB interface

Comanro brand standard USB interface is with unique shape and a strong sense of design. Can be used without any drivers. Unique identification elements LOGO with silver plating on interface surface, super antioxidant, transmit data faster and more smoothly.


15, Anti-interference Magnetic Ring

The transmission core is equipped with a high-intensity anti-interference magnetic ring, to avoid electromagnetic radiation interference on data transmission and get more effective and smooth data.


16, Using lightweight woven nylon braided cord, perfectly and naturally match with the mouse color, meanwhile, make the mouse more durable and not be wrapped.




Product name Ergonomic wireless mouse
Mouse Type Laser wireless
Number of Button 5 Buttons
Movement speed 6 inches/s
DPI 500-1000-1500-2500
Receiving distance 10m
Battery capacity 500mA
Weight 315g

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Computer Accessories Mouse Spray Paint Parts With Rapid Plastic Prototyping

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 Computer Accessories Mouse Spray Paint Parts With Rapid Plastic Prototyping

Customize all kinds of model-Service:


· Rapid Prototyping: SLA, SLS prototyping

· CNC machining prototype: Plastic, Brass, Aluminum

· Silicone mold, Injection mold, Vacuum casting

· Industrial design


Customize all kinds of model-field of application:


1. Home Appliance: Air conditioning,TV set,Refrigerators,Washing Machines,Electric Fans,Stereos,Vacuum Cleaners,Water Dispensers,Soybean Milk Machine,etc.


2.Communication: fax machines,telephones,wlkie-talkies,moble phone and other


3.Digital Products: Computer,Printers,Copiers, Cameras,Scanners,Gaming,Headsets,etc.


4.Transportation: Cars,Motocycles,Model Cars,Aircraft Model,Electric Bicycles.etc


5.Medical equipment: CT Detector,Electronic Ventilator,Blood Gluscose Testing Meter,Medical Care Appliances and other electronic equipment,etc.


6.Others: Toys,Power Tooling,Furniture,Lamps,Office Supplies,Building Sand Table,Personal Caring Electronics,Fitness Equipment,Student Exhibits


Why Us?


1 Design assistance and full engineering support
2 Rich experience working with OEM’s various materials
3 One step manufacturing includes sourcing of subcomponents and hardware overseas partners
4 Complete production lines for custom turning, milling, cnc machining sheet metal fabricati on, stamping, bending, argon welding and surface finish
5 Anodize and power coating finish with all kinds of customized colors
6 Advanced machine tools, CAD/CAM programming software
7 Strict quality control standards with a highly qualified inspection department
8 Continually upgrading and advancing our equipment to remain competitive

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Computer LCD Monitor Lift

Gold Color 19″ Computer Monitor Lift , Flip Up LCD Lift With Infrared Sensor

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Brushed Aluminum Gold Color 19″ Computer LCD Monitor Lift With Infrared Sensor For Meeting Table



Motorized computer monitor lift is designed to protect and hide LCD monitor and make more space available on the desk. Designed according to diverse requirements of users, can be placed on various kinds of meeting room and company location, also can be embedded in bookcase, filing cabinet also assorts with home theatre in use.

Easy operation, safe and reliable, elegant appearance can be applied to various standard and brands monitor.

Press the “up” button (or use remote control), the monitor will be turned to a position at an angle of 105 degree from the desktop automatically. Meanwhile, the mouse and key board will be rose to the same level with the desktop automatically. The monitor, keyboard and mouse will be hidden inside the desk if not used.



1, Whole complete lifting equipment integrated with 17 inch screen, keyboard and mouse.

2, Made of 6mm thick aluminum alloy drawing panel and brush aluminum alloy monitor shell, provided smart, elegant and high grade appearance.

3, Made of aluminum alloy panel and monitor shell, adopt imported circuit board, synchronous motor,and infrared ray sensor to provide most safe environment for users.

4, Supplied with highest safe operation protection, mechanism adopt infrared ray sensor to provide safe environment for users. During screen motorized flip up or down, it will stop if stuck by hands, finger, pan or book during operation. And will continue working if barrier get always. So it would protect hands or finger from jammed.

5, Product adopt circuit board to supply the most steady and safe during monitor flip up or down.

6, Confirmed by researching, the screen, keyboard and mouse would be complicated with flip up mechanism, won’t create any electricity influence for monitor if mechanism is working.

7, Electricity supply and shut down design, the screen, keyboard and mouse will be power off once flip down, lifting back to mechanism. And screen, keyboard and mouse will be supplied with electricity if complete open the mechanism.

8, Could integrated with touch screen, front camera, all in one computer as required.

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computer power supply

micro computer power supply ATX200W

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micro computer power supply ATX200W
We are professional manufacturer of producing Computer Accessory in China.
mainly porducts are computer case ,power supply and laptop adapter.
we have strong technical team ,
we have many model series for pc case and OEM or ODM are welcome.

Model: Atx 200W
output +3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5VSB
in put 180V-264V/50Hz
Current Rating: 8A 8A 11A 0.3A 2A
Maximum Current: 15A 15A 18A 0.5A 2.5A
Cable 1.2M
Connectors 20+4pin , 2*Molex ,1*FDD , 2*SATA
Switch I/O switch
PFC: Active/passive power factor correction for more efficient power frequency and correct powerfactor.
Dimensions: 150 x 86 x 162mm
Certifications: CE,RoHS,CCC
Spare parts 1%
packaging Brown Box with plastic bag ,10 pcs in one Brown Box
Main features With the standby power less than 1W and typical load efficiency over 80%,it is highly energy efficient.
The specially designed cooling fan(8CM and 12CM available)with enhanced coolong fin features good cooling and low noise, and prolongs the service life of the system.
Standard design in compliance with Intel ATX12V 2.31.
Support all series dual-core and quad-core Intel and AMD platforms,and winXP,Win7 and Win8 operating system.
Supporting all series mainboards and all integrated systems available in the market,it is highly compatible.
The double-magnetic ring,magnetic amplification, and double-filter echnology deployed provide the computer with more stable voltage and purer current
The impeccable circuit wiring and rational component placement provide perfect combination of performance and visual effect!
Supporting all series mainboards and all integrated systems available in the market,it is highly compatible.
The complete protection functions including overcurrent,overvoltage,undervoltage,overload,overheat,short circuit and leakage protection make it safe to use.

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computer bag

laptop, computer bag, handbag MH-2040

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Laptop, computer bag, handbag 14″

material: PU

color: blue, white, red, black

size: for 14″ computer



with samll pocket for power cord

with computer compartment,

with pocket for MP and for wallet

with elastic for pen


ODM, OEM will be welcomed, Customer designed will be welcomed.

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Computer Parts/Computer Accessories/ Laptop Keyboard for samsung np355e4v

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Computer Parts/Computer Accessories/ Laptop Keyboard for samsung np355e4v

Description laptop keyboard
Product Name Laptop keyboardfor samsung np355e4v
Language US version
Color Black
Status New Brand original
Warranty 180 days
Packing PE bag+Carton box
Leading Time 3-5days
Payment T/T Western Union,Paypal
Shipping EMS,DHL.UPS,FEDEX,China post, HK post are avaliable


About us:
We are professional manufacture replacement laptop battery,Laptop AC adapter,wholesale original brand laptop battery,AC adapter,laptopkeyboard,Fans,DVD-RW other laptop spare parts for replace.More products,please send inquiry to us,thank you.

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Computer Charger

laptop parts computer accessories 19v 3.42a laptop charger for toshiba

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laptop parts computer accessories 19v 3.42a laptop charger for toshiba

1.Short-circuit protection. 2.overcurrent protection.

3.Overvoltage protection. 4.Overtemperature protection



Condition:100% Brand New
Input: 100 to 240V AC,1.0-0.6A, 50 to 60Hz
Protection: over-current, voltage and auto recovery
Output protection: over-load and short-circuit protection
AC inlet: plug-in type
Insulation Strength: Class A
Operating Temprature: -10°C~+40°C (10-90%R.H)
Storage Temprature: -40°C~+60°C (10-90%R.H)
Operating Humidity: 10% ~ 90% RH Non-condensing
Storage Humidity: 5% ~ 95% RH Non-condensing
Case materials: PC, ABS, or equivalent
Packing details:1 piece per plastic bag + inner box (negotiate when order)

Input: 100 to 240V AC,1.0-0.6A, 50 to 60Hz (worldwide use)

Output: DC19V3.42A

Outlet: 3-prong/2-prong
Dimension : 5.5*2.5mm

Compatible with P/N:
PA3467U-1ACA , PA3396U-1ACA,PA3165U-1ACA / PA3380E-1ACA / PA3380U-1ACA / PA3396E-1ACA /


Acer Aspire 3000,3030,3040, 3100, 3500, 3600 ,3610 Series:
Acer Aspire 5000, 5030,5040,5050,5100, 5500,5600 ,5700,5900 Series:
Toshiba Satellite A100 Series
A100-151 / A100-163 / A100-188 / A100-209 / A100-259 / A100-295 / A100-500 / A100-507 / A100-508 / A100-521 / Helpful hints: If you use the adapter for a long time,please keep it suitable ventilating and humidity.Do not put the adapter on the skin products.