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touch screen panel

Durable Touch Screen Displays , Computer Connection Touch Panel Kiosk Digital Signage

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Durable Touch Screen Displays , Computer Connection Touch Panel Kiosk Digital Signage


Product Specification: 55 Inch Touch All In One TV PC Computer
Panel Brand Samsung/LG/AUTO/ LCD/LED/Chimee
Panel Size 43, 49, 55, 65 Inch Optional
Product Color Black,White.color of outershell is customized.
IR Touch
Touch Max Resolution 4096×4096
Transparency > 90%, Up to 100%
Response Speed <10ms
Anti-Sunlight/ strong light interference
Touch Point 6~10 POINTS optional
Minimum identification point 3mm x 3mm
PC(optional) CPU Intel i3(i5,i7optional)
RAM 4GB ,DDR3-1333, 8GB is optional
Hard Disk 120GB
Graphics Intel HD4000
WIFI 802.11 B.G.N
Audio card Realtek ALC662
Camera Optional
VGA Output 1
HDMI Output 1
Audio Output 1
Microphone Input 1
USB 4 or more depending on the main board
RJ45 1
Accessory Power supply cable, user manual, keys,adapter
Temperature Details:Touch screen working temperature:-41°C ~70°C,Storage Temperature:-50°C ~85°C;The machine operating temperature:-4~65°C,Storage Temperature:-7~65°C.
1.Build-in High Quality speakers Stereo 2pcs x 5W.
2.Build-in Mini-PC; It is optional for i3/i5/i7 .
3.Adopts IR multipoint Touch Screen.
4.Application fields:public places ,for example,shopping mall, restaurant,airport, square,commercial buidings,etc.
5.Combined hardware and software solution for fast, reliable delivery of digital signage content and continuous operation.
6.Easy WIFI network system installation without the need for extra IT, firewall or security configurations.

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touch screen panel

Computer Control 6D Cinema Equipment With Dynamic Chairs 16 / 9 Screen Polarized Glasses

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Computer Control 6D Cinema Equipment With Dynamic Chairs 16 / 9 Screen Polarized Glasses



6D cinema system consists of the following:


Dynamic chairs:

The dynamic seats move according to the film story. The seats contain some effects which are controlled by the computer: Falling, shaking, blowing, and water spraying, rotating, yawing, pitching, and rolling.

And there are also other special effects integrated to the 3D movies such as; Smoke, rain, lightening, bubble, smell, scenery and figures show. Thus, it can mobilize all the perceptual system of viewers and make you really come into the plot, which makes viewers feel the scene very close and gain all-around experience from your vision, hearing, touching, smelling and take you into the simulative environment which can be felt as a real world.

For the moment there are three kinds of dynamic chairs.

They are 4D chairs; Dynamic chairs of 4D and Motion systems. Although they have the similar name but there are great differences among them.



From the visual sense, the screen structure of 5D cinema has three kinds of screen: Flat screens; Arc form semi-center of a circle and circular-screen. The aspect ratio of the screen is 16: 9, and it can widely expand the scope of movement for 3D objects and horizon, get rid of the constraint of plane sight and make the movie space resemble as the real space. It can generate many mode of motion such as crossing and surrounding, that’s how it makes the feeling of space-time’s changing. (It’s different from the “flat four-dimensional video” – which limits not only the audience’s visual angle, but also the movement direction of the objects. )

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Cooler Fan

12-24V computer fans cfm 6010,6015,6020,6025mm got CE ROHS certificate

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12-24V computer fans cfm 6010,6015,6020,6025mm got CE ROHS certificate fans cfm
2.Current :0.16-0.25A
4.Air Flow :13.2-18.5CFM

computer fans cfm advantage:
1.Reliable quality as well as Competitive price
2.Large volume flow and long life expectancy
3.High speed and large air flow
4.Low noise and high efficiency
5.Ball or sleeve bearing for options
6.Sample lead time:3-5 days
7.Delivery lead time:2 weeks
8. Professional service
computer fans cfm 6010 specification details:
1.Rated Voltage :12v-24v
2.Startup Voltage :6.0-13.8 v
3.Current :0.16-0.25A
5.Air Flow :13.2-18.5CFM

Our computer fans cfm are anti-corrosive and moisture proof structure,reinforces plastic or customize design.

Our computer fans cfm are available at high performance range ,contact us for more details.

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Plastic Cold Runner Injection Molding , Portable Computer Plastic Injection Moulding Parts

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Cold Runner Plastic Injection Mold , Portable Computer Plastic Injection Moulding Parts

  1. PP, PC, PS, PE, PU, PVC, ABS, PMMA ect
  2. for Electrical parts, Medical treatments, Bathroom plastic accessories, Telecommunication devices, Toys and Crafts: One stop tooling room and injection center.
  3. Hot/cold runner


Name Portable Computer Plastic Injection Mould
Mould material 45#, 50#, P20, H13, 718, 2738, NAK80, S136, SKD61 etc.
Mould base LKM, HASCO ect
Cavity according customer’s request
Runner Hot/cold
Design software UG, PROE, CAD, CAXA ect.
Plastic material PP, PC, PS, PE, PU, PVC, ABS, PMMA ect
Mould life 300,000-3,000,000 shots
Delivery time 15-60days
Specification Depends on customer’s requirements.


This product will be widely used on the LED lighting industry, the plastic material is it is a very precise mould and the struction is complicated, highly required standard on the surface treatment and texture.

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Computer IC Chips ICS9LPR600DGLF computer mainboard chips

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ICS9LPR600DGLF is a computer mainboard chips.


Place of Origin: Malaysia Brand Name: ICS Model Number: ICS9LPR600DGLF computer mainboard chips
Type: IC Application: Computer TYPES: ELECTRONIC


Over View


The Northbridge typically handles communications among the CPU, in some cases RAM, and PCI Express (or AGP) video cards, and the Sourthbridge. Some Northbridges also contain integrated video controllers, also known as aGraphics and Memory Controller Hub(GMCH) in Intel systems. Because different processors and RAM require different signaling, a given Northbridge will typically work with only one or two classes of CPUs and generally only one type of RAM.

There are a few chipsets that support two types of RAM (generally these are available when there is a shift to a new standard). For example, the Northbridge from the Nvidia nForce2 chipset will only work with Socket A processors combined with DDR SDRAM; the Intel i875 chipset will only work with systems using Pentium 4 processors or Celeron processors that have a clock speed greater than 1.3 GHz and utilize DDR SDRAM, and the Intel i915g chipset only works with the Intel Pentium 4 and the Celeron, but it can use DDR or DDR2 memory.

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ESD Anti Static Bag for Packing PC board / Computer Main Board

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ESD Anti Static Bag for Packing PC board / Computer Main Board



1. Available in three –layer or four-layer structure; material:PET / VMPET / anti-static PE, PET/anti-static PE

2. Firm lamination and hot sealing offers superior resistance of vapor and oxygen ;

3. Protect your expensive electronics from moisture and static damage ;

4. In flat open top style , Both printing and non-printing;Up to 10 color of gravure printing,withvivid printingeffect.

5. Being opaque and light tight, it ensures the inside item can not been seen from outside ;

6. Surface e resistance of108—1011Ω;

7. Applicable to pack electronic products which are sensitive to moisture and static, such as PC board, IC integrated circuit , CD driver , HD etc.

8. Professional service;

9. Free sample for spout pouch;




Test standard and index


Metal layer resistance




Metal layer optical transmission

Optical density

40%-0.4 optical density


Surface resistivity




Time for static removal


<0.01 Sec. FTMS 101 B Method 4046


Friction static

E1A541 Appendix C



Quartz<13n/in Tefion.<13n/in


Capacitance release

Voltage difference -E1A541




FTMS 101 C

No visible spots FTMS 101 C Method 3005


Tensile strength


ASTM D882 >18


Tear initiation


ASTM D1004 >2.5


Puncture resistance


ASTM D3420 >100


Tear resistance


ASTM D882 > 8




ASTM E 96 <0.2


Oxygen barrier


ASTM D 3985 <0.5


Heat seal temperature




Heat seal pressure




breaking tensile force N/15mm




Breaking elongation






Thickness ±10%; length ±3 mm; width ±2 mm




No delamination, burst seal, wrinkle, warp, break, foreign particle adherence, air bubble beyond sealing diameter≤3mm

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computer accessories used block shaped N35 ndfeb magnet

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 computer accessories used block shaped N35 ndfeb magnet

Detailed Product Description:

Raw Material: Rare Earth Composition: NdFeb Magnet
Grade: N35-N52 Size: Length*Width*Thickness(MM/Inch) custom
Coating: Zinc, Nickel, Ni-Cu-Ni, Gold, Epoxy, etc Shape: Block
Magnetization: Thickness Direction Tolerance: +/-0.05mm
Type: Permanent Max. Working temperature: 80°

Neodymium Block Magnets

Most block magnets have their north and south pole on the two largest areas. The few exceptions, which are magnetized in longitudinal direction, are specifically marked.These block magnets, like our other super magnets, are made of a special NdFeB alloy, which allows neodymium block magnets to achieve extreme adhesive force of up to 200 kg. In our website you can find blocks with heights from 1 to 25 mm, which makes them very versatile. The blocks contain a protective coating of nickel, some also leaf gilding, which makes them very attractive-looking.

Plating Characteristics:

Plating Type Overall Thickness Salt Spray Test Pressure Cooker Test
NiCuNi (Nickel Copper Nickel) 15-21 μm 24 hours 48 hours
NiCu + Black Nickel 15-21 μm 24 hours 48 hours
NiCuNi + Epoxy 20-28 μm 48 hours 72 hours
NiCuNi + Gold 16-23 μm 36 hours 72 hours
NiCuNi + Silver 16-23 μm 24 hours 48 hours
Zinc 7-15 μm 12 hours 24 hours

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Brazil power cord | Brazil computer power cable | power cord with IEC13 Plug | IEC13 plug

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Brazil power cord | Brazil computer power cable | power cord with IEC13 Plug | IEC13 plug


Plug Standards:10A 250V

Applicable Wire:

H03VV-F 3G0.75
H05VV-F 3G0.75
H05VV-F 3G1.0
H05VV-F 3G1.5

Approval : Brazil UC standard

If you are interested in our products Brazil power cord | Brazil computer power cable | power cord with IEC13 Plug | IEC13 plug, you can contact us!

NingBo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd: brand Qiaopu . Specialized in producing power cord, plug, Products generally have European plugs, European power cord, American Plug, American power cord, GB plug, the national standard power cord, UK plug, Australia plug, Japan plug,? Korea, plug, South Africa plug , Brazil, plug, Argentina plug, ,Switzerland, plugs, Israel and other countries in the world certified plug ,plug. power cord size generally have 2×0.5,2×0.75, 2×1.0, 2×1.5 2×2.5, 3×0.5, 3×0.75, 3×1.0, 3×1.5, 3×2.5; power line model with H03VVH2-F, H03VV-F, H05VV-F, H05VVH2-F, IEC52 (RVV), IEC53 (RVV), H05RN-F, H05RR-F, H07RN-F, SVT, SJT, SPT and other countries in the world certified

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USB multifunctrion home chargers for iphone 6 computer power supply

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USB multifunctrion home chargers for iphone 6 computer power supply

USB multifunctrion home chargers for iphone 6

Multi-functional charger with adapters for phone portable electronics
Seven-position adjustable switch
With LED ligth
With multifunction adaptors
With USB 1.5A /5V


Use for Walkman,Radio,computer,Repeater,CD,MP3,MP4 etc
Input AC Volt:110V-220V 50/60Hz
Max power 30W
Output DC Volt:3V,4.5V,5V,6V,7.5V.9V,12V DC
steady voltage output, with overloading protect function.
With multifunction adaptors

Ripple wave (mVp-p): <1%
Linear modulate ±0.5%max
Temperature coefficient ±0.02%/℃
Start time ≤3s(240VAC output,io=100%)
Guard time ≥20ms(240VAC input,io=100%)
Output standard 3V1A
Protection Override protection 115%~200%vA,automatic recovery
Short-circuit protection 1 channel:automatic recovery
Insulation Insulation strength 1500VAC/10mA,1MIN
Insulation resistance ≥30MΩ,DC 500V
Environment Working temperature 0℃~40℃,10%~90%RH
Store temperature -20℃~60℃,10%~90%RH

With white box or PE bag (as customer’s demands )