Healthy USB 3D Laser Mouse , Optical Ergonomic Vertical Mouse computer accessories

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Healthy USB 3D Laser Mouse , Optical Ergonomic Vertical Mouse computer accessories

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Healthy USB 3D Laser Mouse , Ergonomic Vertical Mouse computer accessories


Specification :
wireless computer mouse
Interface: USB
Tracking Method :Optical
Resolution :500~2000 DPI
Hand Orientation :Boths hands
Plug and play
Color : Many colors available
6 buttons Button life time: 50,000,000 times
Perfect ergonomic design, comfortable handle feeling
Superior accuracy and portable
Advanced optical technology, reliable optical tracking sensor on almost any surface
Delivery Time :15days after confirm the artwork
Support: windows95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP/VISTA/7, MAC, LINUX




1, Adopts AUAGO top game chips, Omron million times micro switch.

These are all revealed that it is a professional gaming mouse and can be a razor during the sports gaming.


2, 3 Body Colors: Black, Green and White

The colors, materials and processes are all under rigorous process and repeated tests for the gaming mouse. Finally they are launched out with three colors: black, green and white to meet the players’ personality and demands for product features.


3, AVAGO 3050 Gaming IC

Using AVAGO 3050 game chip solution, stable and fast, greatly expanded the game’s practicality and scalability.


4, Four-color lighting effects

The mouse is built with colorful LED internal light, and revealing red, green, blue and purple colors from the shell. While switching the 4 levels CPI, it is corresponding to the four-color light switch. With our gaming mice, you will be a hard-edged player while gaming.

5, Adopts Omron micro switch with shaped forming terminal structure. Through high-precision and two springs quick-acting mechanism to achieve 10 million times life.

6, Four levels CPI memory function

Can achieve four level CPI (500-1500-2000 -3500) and with built-in storage module. It can be set memory to ensure that the CPI is still valid next time or changing PC.


7, Unique mesh light transmittance and 3D skid-free wheel

High quality rubber texture, unique mesh translucent wheel, strong sense of scale, slide freely. skid-free, anti-sweat, mesh cool light effects. Incomparable charm, only belongs to veteran hero.


8, Super cool tungsten gold plating process

Appearance of fine craft, super class A grade materials. Tungsten gold plating, bright color, grace, and feel good while using.


9, Optional three report rate: 250-500-1000Hz

To meet the players’ different requirements of accuracy and speed in different environments, DM004 is equipped with 250-500-1000Hz three sections report rate. It can be chose the rate by switching it from the bottom of the mouse and won’t lose rate by its superior ability to identify and feedback speed.


10, Laser infrared sensor

Appearance of fine craft, super class A grade materials. Tungsten gold plating, bright color, grace, and feel good while using.


11, Ergonomic symmetrical design

Using symmetrical ergonomic design, perfect hand fit, effectively reduce fatigue, delicate touch, thick body and cool shape.


12, Both sides multimedia keys

Multimedia forward and back side buttons are designed symmetrically by left and right, effectively prevent the misuse while gaming. And perfectly match with the mouse symmetrical shape to get the quick and comfortable feeling .


13, Natural rubber skid-free side design

The left and right sides of the mouse are using natural rubber skid-free materials to increase the flexibility of the mouse grip and effective anti-slip &anti-sweat.


14, Brand dedicated USB interface

Comanro brand standard USB interface is with unique shape and a strong sense of design. Can be used without any drivers. Unique identification elements LOGO with silver plating on interface surface, super antioxidant, transmit data faster and more smoothly.


15, Anti-interference Magnetic Ring

The transmission core is equipped with a high-intensity anti-interference magnetic ring, to avoid electromagnetic radiation interference on data transmission and get more effective and smooth data.


16, Using lightweight woven nylon braided cord, perfectly and naturally match with the mouse color, meanwhile, make the mouse more durable and not be wrapped.




Product name Ergonomic wireless mouse
Mouse Type Laser wireless
Number of Button 5 Buttons
Movement speed 6 inches/s
DPI 500-1000-1500-2500
Receiving distance 10m
Battery capacity 500mA
Weight 315g

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