Gold Color 19″ Computer Monitor Lift , Flip Up LCD Lift With Infrared Sensor

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Computer LCD Monitor Lift

Gold Color 19″ Computer Monitor Lift , Flip Up LCD Lift With Infrared Sensor

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Brushed Aluminum Gold Color 19″ Computer LCD Monitor Lift With Infrared Sensor For Meeting Table



Motorized computer monitor lift is designed to protect and hide LCD monitor and make more space available on the desk. Designed according to diverse requirements of users, can be placed on various kinds of meeting room and company location, also can be embedded in bookcase, filing cabinet also assorts with home theatre in use.

Easy operation, safe and reliable, elegant appearance can be applied to various standard and brands monitor.

Press the “up” button (or use remote control), the monitor will be turned to a position at an angle of 105 degree from the desktop automatically. Meanwhile, the mouse and key board will be rose to the same level with the desktop automatically. The monitor, keyboard and mouse will be hidden inside the desk if not used.



1, Whole complete lifting equipment integrated with 17 inch screen, keyboard and mouse.

2, Made of 6mm thick aluminum alloy drawing panel and brush aluminum alloy monitor shell, provided smart, elegant and high grade appearance.

3, Made of aluminum alloy panel and monitor shell, adopt imported circuit board, synchronous motor,and infrared ray sensor to provide most safe environment for users.

4, Supplied with highest safe operation protection, mechanism adopt infrared ray sensor to provide safe environment for users. During screen motorized flip up or down, it will stop if stuck by hands, finger, pan or book during operation. And will continue working if barrier get always. So it would protect hands or finger from jammed.

5, Product adopt circuit board to supply the most steady and safe during monitor flip up or down.

6, Confirmed by researching, the screen, keyboard and mouse would be complicated with flip up mechanism, won’t create any electricity influence for monitor if mechanism is working.

7, Electricity supply and shut down design, the screen, keyboard and mouse will be power off once flip down, lifting back to mechanism. And screen, keyboard and mouse will be supplied with electricity if complete open the mechanism.

8, Could integrated with touch screen, front camera, all in one computer as required.

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