Computer Accessories Mouse Spray Paint Parts With Rapid Plastic Prototyping

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Mouse Spray Paint Parts

Computer Accessories Mouse Spray Paint Parts With Rapid Plastic Prototyping

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Computer Accessories Mouse Spray Paint Parts By Plastic Rapid Prototype Service​


Customize all kinds of model-Service:


· Rapid Prototyping: SLA, SLS prototyping

· CNC machining prototype: Plastic, Brass, Aluminum

· Silicone mold, Injection mold, Vacuum casting

· Industrial design


Customize all kinds of model-field of application:


1. Home Appliance:Air conditioning,TV set,Refrigerators,Washing Machines,Electric Fans,Stereos,Vacuum Cleaners,Water Dispensers,Soybean Milk Machine,etc.


2.Communication: fax machines,telephones,wlkie-talkies,moble phone and other


3.Digital Products:Computer,Printers,Copiers, Cameras,Scanners,Gaming,Headsets,etc.


4.Transportation:Cars,Motocycles,Model Cars,Aircraft Model,Electric Bicycles.etc


5.Medical equipment:CT Detector,Electronic Ventilator,Blood Gluscose Testing Meter,Medical Care Appliances and other electronic equipment,etc.


6.Others:Toys,Power Tooling,Furniture,Lamps,Office Supplies,Building Sand Table,Personal Caring Electronics,Fitness Equipment,Student Exhibits


Why Us?


1 Design assistance and full engineering support
2 Rich experience working with OEM’s various materials
3 One step manufacturing includes sourcing of subcomponents and hardware overseas partners
4 Complete production lines for custom turning, milling, cnc machining sheet metal fabricati on, stamping, bending, argon welding and surface finish
5 Anodize and power coating finish with all kinds of customized colors
6 Advanced machine tools, CAD/CAM programming software
7 Strict quality control standards with a highly qualified inspection department
8 Continually upgrading and advancing our equipment to remain competitive
9 Extensive capacity — We can run 24 hours, 7 days a week

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